Currency Cam In Action

  • On a budget? Just point the camera and instant conversions ensure you don't blow it!
  • Take a quick look at this short video to see how easy it is.
  • Change currencies with a tap.

Conversion Is A Breeze

A phone image showing currency conversion.
  • Any price converts instantly on the screen.
  • Currency Cam recognises all international currency formats.
  • And even displays them in your own format for total convenience.

Convert Lots Of Prices At Once

A phone image showing lots of currency conversions.
  • Just draw a box around numbers with your finger and they all convert.
  • And they are added up for you. Great for business or just to add up your expenses or credit card items.

Like To Be In Control?

A phone image showing manual conversion.
  • Flip up the manual converter and do it the old fashioned way.
  • Sometimes the keyboard can still be king!

Check Out The Exchange Rate History

A phone image showing exchange rate history.
  • One tap and you can chart any set of currencies.
  • Great to get your timing right to convert at the best rate.

Add Currencies To Your Own Watch List

A phone image showing your watch list.
  • One tap and add your favourite currencies.
  • See up to date rates all in one place.